March 16, 2011

Workin' it Out

Exercise. Working out. Getting in shape. They all conjure images of sweaty people staring at TVs while running on a vast row of treadmills. I have to admit that it does not appeal to me. I've been a member of a couple different fitness centers, and I do well when I have a work out partner to keep me company. When I have to go by myself, I don't. I find gyms incredibly boring. Plus, they're expensive. I know I'm frugal, but paying to be bored just seems wrong no matter how you look at it. If you're good about going regularly, then it's a-ok. Pay the money and do your thing. You're stronger than I am. However, there are other ways to get in shape that are more fun and free (or nearly free).

Go for a walk. Walking around a cute neighborhood or on some favorite nature trails is a fine way to shape up. If you're ambitious, go for a run-but take care of your knees!

Go for a ride. Riding a bike around the same places that you like to walk is good too. I actually won a new bike not so long ago, but haven't used it much. I plan to change that this summer.

Take advantage of natural exercise. My food mill takes more muscle than a food processor. Same goes for mixing by hand instead of pulling out my electric mixer. Heck, even basic cleaning jobs will burn some calories for you. Soon, I will be working on my gardening and landscaping-plenty of exercise there! As I learn to do more for myself, I discover more and more ways to get in a little exercise every day.

The possibilities are really endless. Join a community sports group. Play on the playground with the kids. Run around with your dog at a dog park. Be creative and you'll find that you're getting in better shape without even realizing it!


artbrat said...

Love it! I belonged to a gym for years and actually used it faithfully. When they closed the branch I used the other was just a little to far to drive everyday so I cancelled the membership and switched to running/walking/biking and fitness tapes. It has been the best move for me. It reminded me that I love being outdoors and now I look forward to my walks (still cant look forward to the runs, but they are necessary) and enjoy my workouts so much more than before! It also gave me more time because I no longer have the drive to and from the gym. It is double good!!

What a great post to show how fitness can be approached in an economical and fun way!

basketsbyrose said...

Yes walking and working around the home can be a good form of exercise! Hanging clothes is great form also, bending and hanging clothes over your head.

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