July 20, 2011

Lessons and Happenings

I've learned an important lesson. When you're trying to cultivate a rich, deliberate life, you don't always have time to blog. I knew that in theory, but now that summer is here and we're traveling and gardening and working on our house, the blog has definitely been shoved to the back burner. When that first happened, I felt guilty about it. And then I realized that was stupid. Your lives continue whether I blog every day or not. So does mine. From now on, I will blog about the cool stuff and not sweat the rest of it. Clearly, winter will be my more abundant blogging season and, since I'm trying to practice what I preach, I'm going to embrace all the crazy, fun and sweaty summer activities that prevent me from blogging regularly.

What have I been doing to keep busy, you ask? Well, we got home from our Chicago/Milwaukee trip on July 10th. Today we leave for Boston for a week. I'm walking the breast cancer 3-day there and the menfolk will be there to support me and explore the city. We're also taking a couple days so I can be touristy along with them. I plan on hitting the Freedom Trail first thing Thursday morning!

 I also canned and froze 20 pounds of cherries, but more about that when we get home!

July 4, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

Here I sit in my hotel room in Chicago, with time to share some of our adventures. But, alas, I forgot to pack the camera cord. Now, I feel I should be forgiven, considering I was packing for myself and two small children (DH is responsible for his own packing). Not only was I packing for three, I was packing for a journey that will be taken on trains, ferries, and taxis. Traveling light and compact was essential. I think I did a pretty good job...except for that camera cord. *sigh*

I have to admit that this trip has been much less "from scratch" than some others we have taken. In a hotel room with no appliances and a city with lots of very expensive independent restaurants and even more cheap, chain restaurants. Or, lovely, hip little places that I would absolutely adore, but are not equipped for children. I don't mean in regards to their menu; my five year old is a great eater and I can always find something he'd scarf down. I'm talking about no high chairs for my nine month old and very little room to accommodate a stroller. As wonderfully as my slings and wraps have been working to carry the little guy, no one wants me to eat with him in there-least of all him.

Still, we've had some great family time. The Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium and the Lincoln Park Zoo have all provided ample opportunities for enjoyment, amazement and, yes, even some education. So, when I get home, and have my camera cord, I'll show you some of our fun. Until then, I have a hot dog eating contest to watch.
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