March 11, 2011

Cookbook Review: Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express

Mark Bittman is the author of How to Cook Everything and Food Matters (which I highly recommend). His Kitchen Express is 404 recipes (101 for each season) that are simple and tasty. Each recipe is written in a short paragraph format. They are great for "throw everything together" cooks, as they say things like "toss in a handful of raisins" or "add a splash of olive oil". You don't have to be worried about exact measurements or dirtying every measuring cup in your drawer. I've only tried 10-15 of the recipes so far, but they have all been easy and flavorful. Some of them sound a little more adventurous than others, but there is something for every taste. My favorite recipes are some of the international dishes (tandoori, tagines). Bittman makes them seem much less intimidating than some other chefs. He also includes menus for each season and there are desserts as well as main dishes.

Whether you're a seasoned (no pun intended) vet in the kitchen or a bit of a newbie, Kitchen Express will help you expand your repertoire with little effort. And, because Bittman is a big proponent of fresh, local, real food the recipes fit in perfectly with the diet and lifestyle I'm trying to cultivate.

**The legal stuff: I am not being compensated in any way for this review. I bought the product and have enjoyed it so I thought I'd share.**


artbrat said...

Thanks for the great suggestion. I've been using the Food Matters cookbook alot and really enjoy his recipes. I'll be looking into this one soon!

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