March 29, 2011

Tuesday Tips and Tidbits: Kitchen Science

I'm always searching for cool activities to do with my son to keep him interested in science, and learning in general. While playing around the interwebs, I found a video at Downstream Parenting illustrating how to make "Marbled Milk". It also provided a link to the book where she found the project. I can't wait to get the book and to try this with my little guy! Take a look at the video. It's so simple, but very cool!


Mary K Weinhagen said...

Hey... thanks so much for checking out the marbled milk experiment and my very rough (first timer LOL) video.

The book is absolutely wonderful... so many kids in my life have used that particular book full of recipes over and over again.

By the way... loving your site. I'm adding it to my blogroll!

Mary K

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