March 21, 2011

Pretty Little Containers

So, I always have an abundance of empty containers lying around. I always think I'm going to do some wonderfully creative and amazing project with them. This time, I actually did! Crazy, I know. I made them into donation jars for some of my breast cancer 3-Day fundraising, but you could use them for storage or even as gift wrap.

Just get yourself some scrapbooking paper that strikes your fancy (or fabric or wrapping paper or an especially fun paper bag).  Cut it to fit and glue it on your chosen container. Oatmeal or baby formula cans work really well, but you could use just about any container you have. It's super simple and the possibilities are endless! I'm especially excited to try using some of them as gift boxes.

**Posted at Skip to My Lou Made by You Monday**


Jenn said...

Love homemade gift wrap idea!

Brandy J. said...

I just found your blog and am your newest follower. I love the way you re-used these containers. Chic, cheap, and charitable! Great blog, by the way!!

Ann @ Living From Scratch said...

Thanks Jenn! I'm excited to make some holiday-themed containers. Mostly because it gives me an excuse to buy/hoard cool paper... :)

Welcome Brandy! Thanks for following!

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