April 15, 2011

Wild Chef: Holland, MI

Wild Chef is an independent Japanese steak house in Holland, Michigan. I've been there twice and have been impressed both times. The chefs are as talented as any you would find at the well-known teppenyaki restaurants. There are moments of impressive fire and utensil tricks, but what really matters is that the food is excellent. The fried rice is some of the best I've ever had and the shrimp appetizer is delicious. Their sushi and miso soup is wonderful. As my entree, I had their yakiniku, a marinated beef, and really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed a glass of some of the best plum wine I've ever tried (they sell it by the bottle, as well).

If you're in Holland for the Tulip Festival, or any other time, check out Wild Chef. It's right on 131, so it's easy to find (just look for the red triangles on top of the small strip they're in). I think you'll really like the combination of theatrics and delicious food. If you've never been to a Japanese steak house, you'll love the experience! And maybe, like my son, the chopsticks.


Celtic Cat said...

I'll be looking for it next time I go out to see Big Red!

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