April 14, 2011

Living From Scratch with Kids

I've had people ask me how I have time for all these projects while being at home with my kids. The most significant part of the answer is that I involve them (well, not the six month-old so much). My four year-old loves to help crack eggs while I'm baking. He comes outside with me while I work in the yard, and, if there's a chance to get dirty, he is eager to help. We talk about the choices we make and why we make them. He knows the difference between healthy food and treats (although healthy has a pretty broad definition in his mind). When we shop and he asks for a toy, we talk about the difference between wants and needs. As long as these discussions happen on his level and don't become lectures, he is receptive and as understanding as  a four year-old could be. I feel that it's important to talk with him now so that he grows up knowing these things and that he doesn't ever feel like we sprung a huge lifestyle change on him when he's older.

Remember, also, that part of living from scratch, is living in the moment-living deliberately. That means that whenever I take a break from a project to play Go Fish or color with my son I am living from scratch. Being present, listening and staying involved with my sons (and everyone else in my life) is more important that any of the projects I'm doing. Honestly, those things are more important than any projects anyone is doing. In the end, the time you spend with people will be remembered and appreciated so much more than anything else.


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