April 18, 2011

Going Dark this Week

Like I posted last week, my family is going to be participating in Screen Free Week 2011 which runs today through Sunday, April 24th. Screen Free Week is an event designed to unplug our families from entertainment media. I still plan on checking my email twice a day and legitimate work still needs to get done, but using the computer, TV or handheld devices to entertain ourselves is out for the next week. I'm thinking of it like a cleansing fast. Once we realize we don't need the constant stimulation, we'll be much better prepared for limiting screen time in the future. Now, I debated with myself for quite awhile about what to do with the blog. Should I do a week's worth of posts in advance and have them post as usual? Should I spend some time every evening recapping the days' activities? Or should I just take a break for the week? I decided to do exactly that. It seemed hypocritical to tell you to shut off the screens and then post articles that I expected you to read on a screen. So, Living From Scratch will return on Monday, April 25th. I will recap some of the non-screen activities that we enjoyed throughout the week and, of course, I have a recipe or two just waiting to be shared!

For more information on Screen Free Week check out their website.



Celtic Cat said...

Sounds like a great idea!

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