April 6, 2011

Cinco Lagos: Milford, Michigan

Ok, again, I apologize for the lack of pictures. We went to Cinco Lagos on the same day we went to The Burger Joint. Since the camera battery died without a single picture being taken...well, you understand.

I really like Cinco Lagos. I've been there twice and made sure to try a couple different items. I've had the roasted chile relleno and the tres sopes. Both were fresh and tasty. The pork belly in the tres sopes was especially delicious and the roasted chile rellano was really complex and full of flavor. My husband enjoyed his fajitas and we all loved the bread pudding and banana-changa (a banana and almond paste deep fried in a tortilla with a chocolate dipping sauce). My four year old stuck with his old standby, the cheese quesadilla, but he had no complaints and was happy to share the dessert! Not only is this a local restaurant but Chef Brian Polcyn is diligent about sourcing everything locally as often as possible. If you're looking for a bit more upscale take on Mexican cuisine, but still want to stay local, visit Cinco Lagos on Main Street in Milford, Michigan!


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