February 5, 2011

Guidelines #3: Money

Money is not as complicated as it would appear. We have enough. My overall goal is for us to be debt-free and have some money saved up for the proverbial rainy day. In addition, we want to be able to help the boys pay for whatever post-high school education they choose (more on that in some other post).

Another goal is to get the very most for what we spend. I am frugal, but not cheap. What's the difference, you ask? I see it like this: A cheap person is not going to pay attention to quality. They will shop by price alone. As a frugal person I am very concerned with quality. Buying twenty $1 doodads that last for a week apiece is not getting as much for my money as buying one $15 doodad that lasts for a year. I plan on searching out the best deals on the items we need (more on need vs. want in yet another post).

One more goal, and this one is more idealistic, I suppose, is to become financially independent. By that, I mean that I want to be able to support the family through avenues that are not my husband's job. I am a scientist by trade and decided to stay home when the pharmaceutical company I was doing research for closed my facility. I also do various arts and crafts. I am going to work toward being able to support the family with these skills in non-traditional ways. If I can get that established it won't matter what happens with my husband's job; we will be fine.

I think that's the end of the guidelines for now. I've covered what came to mind immediately. I can always revise or add more, but I want to get to the fun stuff. I'm going to post recipes, reviews, tips, craft ideas...whatever I can think of that helps to illustrate this journey into tradition. I hope you stick around for the ride!


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