February 3, 2011

Guidelines #1: Food

Vegetables in Whole Foods Market

Food is one of my very favorite things, so let's start there. Keep in mind, these are guidelines. There are no hard and fast rules for this quest of mine. Sometimes life happens. I'm not going to berate myself if an experiment goes terribly wrong and I end up ordering a pizza...or drinking heavily while locked in my bedroom. OK, probably not that, but you never know.

My hopes for the food part of this adventure are as follows:
1) I plan on cooking real food, from scratch, about 80% of the time. The remaining 20% of the time we will probably be visiting or eating out. If we're eating out, I will do my best to find a locally owned restaurant. Ideally, they will source their foods locally.
2) This spring, I'm going to plant a garden using the square foot gardening technique. I already have rhubarb and raspberries planted and they should both bear fruit this summer.
3) I am going to buy the majority of my meat and produce from local sources. Ideally, these will be organic and untreated.
4) This summer and fall I'm going to begin learning to can and preserve the food that I grow and buy locally.

That about covers it, I guess. I'll probably revise these as I go along, but I think food will be the easiest part. Stay tuned for the hard stuff!


dcB said...

Hey Ann- if you end up canning let me know and we can have a canning party. I've been doing it for years so I have all the supplies. It's so much more fun to do that sort of thing together.

Also, if you don't already have some, start stocking up on Mason jars now. I have acquired tons from thrift stores over the years so I've never had to buy any new. -Dawn B.

Ann said...

Thanks Dawn! That sounds like fun! I grew up watching my mom, aunt, nan and gramps canning all the good stuff he grew in the garden and can't wait to get started.

My mom is probably going to come lend a hand at some point this summer. I'll let you know when!

Becky said...

Pretty awesome! I'd like to implement these rules in my own life. I think I'll start by keeping my eyes out for places that offer local resources.

Laura said...

It's not organic, but there is a farm in the thumb that is totally free range.
Though it might not be worth the drive to Royal Oak for you.

Ann said...

Thanks for the tip, Laura. I'll have to check them out!

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