October 19, 2011

Pinterest Project: Maple Cupcakes

You remember when I mentioned Pinterest? Well, I am full-on addicted. I love scrolling through everything that other members have posted and finding great things that I would never have seen otherwise. There is a downfall, however (well, besides the giant time suck that it can become), and that downfall is finding the time to actually do and make everything that you pin. So,  I've made a promise to myself that I'm going to start sorting through my pins (especially recipes) and try at least one every week. If it's good it goes in my recipe binder. If not, it gets unpinned, never to taunt me again!

My first test was this maple cupcake recipe from Country Living. I used the frosting recipe that is linked in the cupcake recipe. They turned out pretty well. I wish the cake part was more intensely maple-y. I'm definitely going to make them again, but I may use a darker maple syrup to up the maple flavor. On another note, I think the frosting would be delicious and decadent as a waffle or pancake topping.


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