March 16, 2012

Pi Day Mini-Pies

Earlier this week geeks everywhere celebrated Pi Day. Pi Day is March 14 (3/14). Get it? Huh, do ya? Anyway, for all but the very geekiest, Pi day is mostly an excuse to eat pie. Some local pie places were even giving out free pie. Sadly, I was not able to get in on the free pie, so I had to make my own. I actually made tarts, but I prefer to call them mini-pies. After all, tart day seems like it would be something else all together...but I digress.

 There's not really a recipe here. I picked a pie crust recipe (which I'm not going to bother sharing, I didn't think it was that tasty, but recipes abound on the interwebs) and some fillings. I pressed the dough into greased muffin tins because I wanted my pies to look rustic, but you can roll out your dough and cut nice circles for a more refined look. Then I filled them with cherry and peach filling that I had left over from another project; use whatever you have on hand. I topped each pie with a heart I cut from the dough scraps and baked according to my dough's directions. Just watch the baking time since most recipes are for a whole pie.

Mini-pies are so simple to make that it would be a great Pi Day project for older children to do on their own. Smaller Pi fans can certainly help as well. Short on time? Go ahead and use prepared crust and fillings. I got seven mini-pies from a single crust recipe. You're number is going to vary depending on how thin you roll the crust, how big you make your shells and whether you choose to top them with crust or just go with a single crust. You could also use mini-muffin tins to make mini-mini-pies.

Don't worry about waiting a year to make these, either. They're a great little treat any time. Enjoy!


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