August 26, 2011

Trailer Park'd: Lansing Food Truck

A few weeks ago, we made a trip to Lansing to visit Impression 5, a children's museum, and to take in a Lansing Lugnuts game. I figured we should take advantage of the day to get in some great local food. Purely by accident, I ran across Trailer Park'd a day or two before we left and my work was done!

Trailer Park'd is a food truck that serves delicious local food. My husband had the pork belly sandwich, my son had the burger (which was on the most wonderful focaccia) and I had the tacos. Everything was great! From the smell of the smoker working as you approach to the lunch counter that is draped off the pick-up truck, this is an experience everyone should have!

You can find their menu and schedule on their website and their Facebook page.


Celtic Cat said...

Look like it is worth a trip to Lansing!

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