December 1, 2011

Why I Might Say "Happy Holidays"

Every year the debate rages. Is Christmas under attack? I don't believe so. However, I do want to explain my reasoning for why I might tell you "Happy Holidays", because I suspect there are others who do it for the very same reason.

Doing some quick and dirty calculations, I would say about 60% of my friends celebrate Christmas, with greatly varying combinations of religious and secular rituals. The rest of my friends celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice or a combination of several. I may have friends that celebrate another winter holiday altogether. If I say "Happy Holidays" to you, it's because I am not sure which winter holiday you celebrate and I respect you too much to assume that you celebrate one over another. Please, feel free to tell me which, if any, you celebrate so that I may offer you the "proper" greeting.

Now, I'm not speaking for anyone but myself, but the next time someone offers you a hearty "Happy Holidays", keep in mind that they may simply be demonstrating the respect that they have for you and your traditions-even if they don't know what those tradtions are.


Celtic Cat said...

I understand that completely! Good way to look at the whole holiday dilemma.

I just didn't like being told that it wasn't politically correct to say Merry Christmas. At shows I use both: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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